Gift, The
Release date: 22-01-2010
Shane West switches from playing a doctor in ER to portraying Max, a computer security analyst (yes, another smart person!) who receives a cell phone from an anonymous sender while working in Bangkok. Max gets a nice little surprise when the phone starts magically texting him winning tips on gambling as well as other life-altering information and before long, Max is rolling in money. As you’d expect Max starts attracting the attention of a few people including John Reed (Edward Burns), a casino security officer and Dave Grant (Ving Rhames) FBI agent. His luck with the ladies has also significantly improved but when the phone’s history reveals a body count showing Max next on the hit list, he becomes very worried. With help from top U.S. security director Raymond Burke (Martin Sheen), Max embarks on a journey around the world to find out where the revolutionary phone came from and how to stop any other trouble that it has in store. The Gift is one action-thriller that will keep you guessing right until the end!
Rating Duration Genre
M 101 minutes Action
  Shane West, Edward Burns, Ving Rhames, Martin Sheen, Jonathan Pryce
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