Release date: 26-05-2010
Up for a flick that is highly charged and won’t let your mind rest for one second? Look no further than 2:22 where four career criminals make the mistake of their lives when they assume that everyone will be too drunk to care about anything on New Years Eve (hey, the theory itself probably works but for these hard men, it doesn’t quite come off in such a clear cut manner). The four thugs plan to rob a boutique hotel at exactly 2:22 a.m. on New Year’s Eve but when things go horribly wrong, they’re forced to doubt one other. Their friendship, loyalty and trust (which is a funny concept considering we’re dealing with highly questionable characters here) will be put to the test and pushed to the limit. Watch out for Val Kilmer who steals the show as his oddball character exhibits quite a few alarming tendencies as 2:22 packs so many punches that you’ll be on the edge of your seat.
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 104 minutes Action
  Mick Rossi, Robert Miano, Aaron Gallagher, Jorge A. Jimenez, Val Kilmer, Gabriel Byrne
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