Empress And The Warriors, An
Release date: 28-05-2010
With films such as The Battle of Red Cliff, there’s no better setting than China for an awesome war flick and The Empress and the Warriors is no exception. The trouble begins when King Yan (Weihua Liu) is wounded in battle and instead of passing the reigns onto his nephew, Lord Wu Ba (Guo Xiaodong) who he deems too cruel, reckless and power hungry, looks to an orphan, General Muyong Xuehu (Donnie Yen) to lead the way. With two men fighting over the throne, King Yan’s daughter, Princess Yan Feier (Kelly Chen) takes possession of the Swallow Sword and reluctantly, leads the army in an attempt to preserve unity in the Kingdom of the Great Yan Empire. But some find being led by a female a little too hard to swallow and plot her demise in order to ensure that the Princess doesn’t live long enough to post a threat, but have they underestimated her?
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 90 minutes Action
  Donnie Yen, Kelly Chen, Xiaodong Guo
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