Bounty Hunter, The
Release date: 28-07-2010
The Bounty Hunter gives us the dream version of the battle of the sexes: the alluring Jennifer Aniston in one corner and the macho man of the moment, Gerard Butler in the other. Yes, we love the movies because so often it gives us the best of both worlds. Milo Boyd (Butler) is a bounty hunter who’s having his fair share of bad luck lately. So when he’s offered the chance to apprehend reporter and (more importantly) ex-wife, Nicole Hurley (Aniston) for a sum of $5,000, there’s absolutely no reason why he would say no. After all, there’s the financial gain and the chance to get the sweetest revenge of all. Adding to Milo’s woes of being chased by the police because of a traffic infringement is the fact that Nicole manages to escape his grasp while chasing a lead on a murder cover-up. Hmm… maybe Milo should give this whole bounty hunter thing a second thought!
Rating Duration Genre
M 106 minutes Comedy / Romance
  Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Christine Baranski, Jeff Garlin
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