World's Greatest Dad
Release date: 28-07-2010
If you’re expecting a family comedy along the lines of Mrs. Doubtfire or Old Dogs, think again. Sure, World’s Greatest Dad is hilarious but it pushes Robin Williams to a far darker place than we’re used to. Lance Clayton (Williams) is a single father, wannabe author and a high school English teacher who can only dream of becoming the next Shakespeare. His repeated attempts to bond with his 15-year-old sex-obsessed son Kyle (Daryl Sabara) continue to fall on deaf ears. Worse still, Lance’s girlfriend Claire (Alexie Gilmore) has her eyes on a fellow teacher but Lance’s problems are only set to get bigger after he discovers that Kyle has accidentally killed himself in an embarrassing incident in his bedroom (use your imagination). To avoid the public humiliation, Lance forges his son’s suicide note and you can only imagine his surprise when it becomes a big hit, leaving him craving the writing glory he believes he deserves for fudging the note.
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 97 minutes Comedy
  Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Alexie Gilmore
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