Blind Side, The
Release date: 18-08-2010
Sandra Bullock blonde? No, you’re not seeing things but like everything else that this Hollywood star does, she pulls it off. Based on the true story of American football star Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), The Blind Side is one of those flicks that warms the heart and compels you to mimic the actions of those involved. Leigh Anne Touhy (Bullock) and her well-to-do family are living the American dream. So when she sees the homeless and undereducated Michael roaming the streets one cold night, she’s well within her rights to do nothing. But she does do something: a big something. She offers him shelter and before long, her family have adopted Michael and are helping him towards what was once a dream: university. His natural talent for sport and downright bulk (look at him, he’s massive) ensures that with a bit of help from the Touhys, no challenge is too big to overcome.
Rating Duration Genre
PG 123 minutes Drama
  Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw
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