Cop Out
Release date: 11-08-2010
Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are 2010ís version of Jackie Chan and Chris Rock who had us chuckling our heads off in the Rush Hour series. In Cop Out, as good as Jimmy (Willis) is as a cop, Paul (Morgan) is just as bad as he bumbles his way through pretty much every scenario that this flick throws up. Jimmy is a veteran NYPD cop who wants to give his daughter the wedding that sheís always wanted (donít worry, this doesnít turn into Father of the Bride) but heís short on the amount of cash he needs. Selflessly, he decides to sell his rare and most valued baseball card but when itís stolen from right underneath his face, he seeks the help of his trusty sidekick and partner of nine years, Paul. Their journey takes them through a number of hilarious scenarios thatíll leave you shaking your head but most importantly, laughing your socks off!
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 103 minutes Comedy
  Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan
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