Chalet Girl
Release date: 12-01-2012
What happens when a down to Earth young girl from London lands a job at a glam ski resort and starts mixin’ it with some mega rich people? Well, at first, Kim (Felicity Jones) feels as though she’s totally out of her league – beforehand, the most exciting thing she did was cook her dad (Bill Bailey) a decent meal. Now, she’s discovered her hidden natural talent for snowboarding and also spent some time with her boss’ gorgeous and rather charming son, Jonny (Ed Westwick). Given that Jonny’s attached to someone just as snobby as him, he’s strictly off-limits allowing Kim to pour all of her energy into practicing her snowboarding. If she’s good enough, she might even be able to snag some much needed prize money thanks to an end of season competition. But then things between her and Jonny escalate after he dumps his girlfriend who he had just asked to marry him. Will these developments distract her?
Rating Duration Genre
PG 97 minutes Comedy / Romance
  Ed Westwick, Felicity Jones, Tamsin Egerton, Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields