Release date: 05-01-2012
There are some moments that are destined to change our lives forever – like learning that your 75-year-old father Hal (Christopher Plummer) is coming out of the closet after being happily married to your mother for many years. Oh, and Hal’s also dying of cancer – clearly, someone’s the king of bombshells. Not that Oliver (Ewan McGregor) really needs anything else to shake up his world. Oliver’s in his late 30s and is effectively hiding from the world thanks to the fears that plague his life. Failure isn’t an option for Oliver and this holds him back from committing to anyone which means that he’s never had a meaningful relationship. Enter Anna (Mélanie Laurent), she’s a French actress who could be just what Oliver needs to live a long, happy and silly life but will he follow his emotions or fall into the same traps as Hal did? Or will he choose to live for the moment and reap the benefits?
Rating Duration Genre
M 105 minutes Drama
  Christopher Plummer, Ewan McGregor
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