Happy Feet Two
Release date: 24-04-2012
George Miller didn’t just break the ice with his 2006 Oscar-winning movie Happy Feet, he shattered it and while its success was phenomenal, the sequel provides us with a quality second helping. This fast-paced movie has everything we loved about the original – singing, dancing, an eco-friendly vibe and the warm and fuzzy message that having self-belief will see you through. Mumble’s (Elijah Wood) son Erik (Ava Acres) doesn’t want to shimmy and shake like all the other penguins in Emperor-Land. After all, his first attempt at doing so resulted in his head getting stuck beneath the ice and most of the other penguins laughing at him. And while Erik struggles to find himself and realise his talent, there’s a far greater force at play that threatens the very existence of the penguins (that’d be the tsunami). Happy Feet Two proves that nothing’s better than toe-tapping penguins when it comes to family entertainment.
Rating Duration Genre
G 100 minutes Animated
  Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Alecia Moore, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Sofia Vergara, Common, Hugo Weaving, Richard Carter, Magda Szubanski, Anthony Lapaglia
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