Big Year, The
Release date: 25-07-2012
Chances are, you’re not going to see bird-spotting appearing on many sports news segments but hey, this flick makes for the best kind of tweeting if you ask us. The Big Year is based on a North American competition in which competitors try to spot as many birds as they can in a year. Here, we meet three of the feistier competitors. There’s the reigning champ Kenny (Owen Wilson), the former CEO turned bird watcher Stu (Steve Martin) and Brad (Jack Black) who’s divorced. Basically, we follow the trio over 365 days as they watch birds and experience the upheavals of everyday life. We see the guys turning to bird watching as a coping mechanism, after all, they all seem to be going through some sort of emotional crisis. While bird watching may not seem like the most interesting competition to base a movie on, in the hands of three comedy geniuses, you know you’ll be chuckling your little heart out.
Rating Duration Genre
PG 100 minutes Comedy
  Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Steve Martin
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