Brawl In Cell Block 99
Release date: 31-01-2018
Bradley, (Vince Vaughn) is long recovered alcoholic with severe anger management issues - struggling to make ends meet. In an attempt to make a better life for himself and his wife and fulfil their dreams of having a child, he turns to drug smuggling. During the handover things go south and the police discover them. During a violent shootout, Bradley sacrifices his chance of escape to ensure that none of the police get hurt. This choice lands them all in prison. Set on revenge, his partners kidnap his now pregnant wife. Trapped in prison, Bradley becomes a deadly man on a mission, securing the safety of his wife and unborn child and killing any one who gets in his way.
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 132 minutes Thriller
  Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson
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