Almost Christmas
Release date: 27-11-2013
Christmas is a time for giving and celebrating with family, but for two scheming French Canadians in New York, itís a time to get rich quick. In Almost Christmas, recently paroled ex-con Dennis (Paul Giamatti) takes a job with his old buddy Rene (Paul Rudd) selling Christmas trees to make some quick money. Strapped for cash and with nowhere to live, downtrodden Dennis has little choice but to travel to the Big Apple with his old partner-in-crime (Rene). Itís not the most comfortable of arrangements either, as Rene is now dating Dennisís ex-wife with wedding bells ringing. In a fresh new take on the buddy-comedy flick, Almost Christmas delivers big laughs and touching moments as we see the unlikely duo deal with day-to-day life in the Big Apple, but also attempt to stick to the straight-and-narrow.
Rating Duration Genre
M 103 minutes Comedy
  Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti
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