Trading Paint
Release date: 03-07-2019
When their winning streak begins to fail, legendary driver Sam Munroe and his son Cam (Toby Sebastian - Game Of Thrones) have a falling out. Rival racing giant Bob Linksy (Michael Madsen - The Hateful Eight) takes advantage of this rift and offers Cam a lucrative opportunity and when he accepts, the gap between father and son grows even bigger. Now, engines rev and sparks fly as the two are set against each other in the ultimate race and the most dangerous competition of all.
Rating Duration Genre
M 83 minutes Drama
  Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, John Travolta, Michael Madsen, Barry Corbin, Toby Sebastian, Kevin Dunn, Buck Taylor, Shania Twain, Luis Da Silva Jr., Audrey Fafard, Margaret Bowman, Chris Mullinax, Jen Baker, Kurt Deimer, Denny Mendez
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