How She Move
Release date: 04-09-2008
Despite a formulaic plot and a grammatically incorrect title, How She Move is an energetic and passionate coming-of-age story. Raya Green (newcomer Rutina Wesley) is an intelligent, driven girl from the ‘projects’, who dreams of becoming a doctor. Her pursuit of her dream has led to her acceptance into a prestigious private school, but when her sister dies of a drug overdose, Raya’s world is turned upside down. She’s forced to come home and attend a local public school. However, her homecoming also rekindles her love of dance; and when the chance to win $50,000 in a stomp dance competition comes up, Raya channels her determination into getting together a crew and winning the contest. Dealing with some serious issues, How She Move is a little grittier than your average dance flick; with some intense and innovative dance sequences, earnest performances and a great dose of heart How She Move is as entertaining as it is inspiring. oHow
Rating Duration Genre
M 88 minutes Drama
  Rutina Wesley, DeRay Davis, Tre Armstrong
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