Release date: 18-02-2009
As almost all of us know, your first day at a new school can be daunting, confusing and even terrifying; but most of us donít have the immediate strikes against us that Harold (Spencer Breslin) has. Despite only being 13-years-old, heís already developed quite severe male pattern baldness, making him an immediate target for bullies as soon as he steps into the school grounds. To make matters worse, heís not your average kid: he likes to sit and read the newspaper; he loves Murder, She Wrote; he makes sure he gets his fibre. But while Harold might be old before his time, itís his unique way of looking at things that enables to form friendships with the schoolís janitor (Cuba Gooding, Jr) and the nerdy Rhonda (Nikki Blonsky). If you want a quirky, funny and ultimately uplifting film, Harold just might be this yearís Napoleon Dynamite.
Rating Duration Genre
M 90 minutes Drama
  Spencer Breslin, Cuba Gooding Jnr, Ally Sheedy
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