Welcome To The Sticks
Release date: 18-02-2009
No matter what city you live in, thereís always a suburb or region that everyone warns you about; you can probably rattle off a few areas for your hometown immediately. And itís almost kind of comforting to learn that itís not just Australia where this happens, as Welcome to the Sticks proves. Philippe (Kad Merad) is an unassuming postman who is faking a disability to get a transfer to the Mediterranean town his wife desires. But when heís found out, heís sent instead to Bergues, which has the reputation of being cold and rainy and inhabited by backwards, unfriendly locals. But the reality is very different, and Philippe learns that some prejudices are completely baseless; but the impending arrival of his wife may change how the locals react to him. Welcome to the Sticks is an utterly charming comedy that isnít afraid to poke fun at how the French see themselves, and you donít even need any prior knowledge of France to join in the fun. This is certainly one of the better comedies weíve seen.
Rating Duration Genre
M 106 minutes Comedy
  Dany Boon, Kad Merad
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