Cake Eaters, The
Release date: 26-08-2009
You donít need a big story to make a quality film; in fact some of the best dramas weíve ever seen focus on the day-to-day events of life, rather than some massive, life-changing event. The Cake Eaters is a perfect example of that. Set in average small-town America, we follow two families: the Kimbrough family and the Kaminski family. Easy Kimborough is grieving over the death of his wife, while his sons Beagle and Guy each deal with the loss in their own way. But itís Beagleís affair with Georgia Kaminski that shocks the family, because Georgia is terminally ill, and wants her one chance to experience love. And when itís revealed that Easy has had a long-term affair with Georgiaís grandmother, the two families are either going to be torn apart, or come closer together. The Cake Eaters succeeds primarily because of the strong performances on offer. With lesser talent, it might become a common melodrama, but the cast handles the script with the subtlety it deserves.
Rating Duration Genre
M 95 minutes Drama / Romance
  Kristen Stewart, Aaron Stanford, Melissa Leo, Bruce Dern, Jesse L Martin