Release date: 25-08-2009
As you probably all know, English football has had to live with the spectre of hooliganism for decades now, even if the game has largely been cleaned up these days. However, obviously some still dream of the old days, as this biopic about one of the UKís most notorious gang leaders proves. Cass Pennant (Nonson Azonie) is a black man in a white personís world. Orphaned as a boy, he was adopted by an elderly white couple, and grew up in a predominately white area of London. But Cass learnt as a school boy that his colour would make him a target for bullies, unless he fought back. Scarily, he found himself addicted to the violence, and once he became a man he started hanging round with football hooligan gangs. But itís not until Cass takes control of the West Ham-based Inter City Firm that he becomes one of the best-known hooligans around, even as it makes him a target. While we canít agree with the path his life took, Cass Pennant is undoubtedly a fascinating character, and Cass is a compelling movie.
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 108 minutes True Story
  Nonso Anozie, Natalie Press, Leo Gregory
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