Free World, The
Release date: 21-03-2018
After spending two decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Mo struggles to put his past behind him as he readjusts to a new life working in an animal shelter. Doris is trapped in another sort of prison: an abusive marriage. A dramatic encounter brings these two troubles souls together, and a possible murder connects them. Soon, Mo finds himself risking everything - including being locked up again for someone else's crime. Driven by explosive performances from Elisabeth Moss and Boyd Holbrook, The Free World is a gripping, mood-drenched exploration of guilt, redemption, and what it means to be free.
Rating Duration Genre
M 101 minutes Thriller
  Elisabeth Moss, Boyd Holbrook, Octavia Spencer, Austin Amelio, Sung Kang, Frederick Weller, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Waleed Zuaiter, Jean Claude Leuyer, Vivian Fleming-Alvarez, Stephen Louis Grush, James Moses Black, Jimmy Gonzales, Dane Rhodes, Jon Arthur
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