Random Encounters
Release date: 04-07-2018
In this sparkling romantic comedy, twenty-somethings Kevin and Laura are both struggling to make it in Hollywood, and in love. A chance encounter in a local coffee shop sees an instant attraction between them, and the sparks fly. With neither able to put the other out of their mind, they set out on parallel searches to find each other. The result is an hilarious series of awkward misunderstandings, embarrassing personal ads, bad timing and narrowly missed chances. Aided in their quests by well-meaning friends, including Laura's irrepressible roommate Mindy (Meghan Markle, star of TV's Suits), Kevin and Laura are determined to seal their own fate and ultimatelyfind true love.
Rating Duration Genre
M 94 minutes Comedy
  Sean Young, Meghan Markle, Michael Rady, Don Stark, Lara Everly, Stacey Travis, Tracy Dali, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Jamie Elman, Kristen DeLuca, Rachael Kemery, Aidan Bristow, Abby Wathen, Shawn-Caulin Young, Joshua LeBar
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