Romper Stomper : Season 1
Release date: 21-11-2018
Romper Stomper is an Australian television series sequel to the 1992 film Romper Stomper movie and and set 25 years after the events in the film. The six-part series follows a new generation of far-right activists and their anti-fascist counterparts, with the story focusing on a fictional far-right group led by Blake Farrand known as Patriot Blue.
Rating Duration Genre
MA15+ 345 minutes Drama
  Nicole Chamoun, David Wenham, Lily Sullivan, Julian Maroun, Daniel Wyllie, Simon Palomares, Shannon Berry, Michael Vice, Lachy Hulme, Toby Wallace, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Sophie Lowe, Louis Corbett, John Brumpton
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