Drillbit Taylor
Release date: 04-09-2008
Based on an idea by John Hughes, and spawned from the creative talents who brought us Superbad and Knocked Up comes Drillbit Taylor starring Owen Wilson as the titular character. Although a much tamer comedy compared to the creators’ previous efforts, Drillbit Taylor packs plenty of punch and consistently delivers memorable laughs. The story is centred on Troy and Nate, a pair of nerds who fail to impress fellow classmates on their first day of high school and become prime targets for the school bully to traumatise and humiliate in every way possible. Defenceless from this constant harassment, they decide to hire a bodyguard for protection. Short on cash, they decide to hire the cheapest available. Enter Drillbit Taylor, a homeless con artist who’s really out to rob the boys, but their charms grow on him as he trains them up and poses as a teacher to protect them. Drillbit Taylor is family-friendly comedy at its best, with more than enough of the crazy, offbeat humour that today’s audiences expect from Apatow Productions.
Rating Duration Genre
PG 98 minutes Comedy
  Owen Wilson, Leslie Mann, David Koechner, Danny McBride, Josh Peck
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