St. Trinians
Release date: 24-09-2008
Most kids would celebrate the news that their school was closing down… the girls at St. Trinian’s plan an elaborate artwork heist to raise the money to keep theirs open! St. Trinian’s, the sixth movie in a long-standing series about the, um, unorthodox school, follows the adventures of the girls as they stand up to The Man – in this case, the Minister for Education (played by Mr. Darcy… oops, We mean Colin Firth) – who wants to close down their beloved school. They’ll stop at nothing; from demolishing small buildings to stealing priceless artworks, these girls are determined, ruthless and completely outrageous. Featuring Rupert Everett as the school’s headmistress and her brother, the comedic stylings of Russell Brand and Stephen Fry, and supermodel Lily Cole, St. Trinian’s is a camp celebration of individuality, and the rebellious energy of youth.
Rating Duration Genre
M 97 minutes Comedy
  Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Mischa Barton, Gemma Rerteron
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