Made of Honour
Release date: 24-09-2008
They don’t call him McDreamy for nothing… Patrick Dempsey sets hearts aflutter in Made of Honour as Tom, a wealthy ladies man who dates more women in a week than most men date in a year. In the midst of this dating storm is his long-term best friend, Hannah (the beautiful Michelle Monaghan), the only woman in Tom’s life that he sees on a regular basis (or more than once, for that matter), and who he clearly loves… as a friend. But Hannah’s impending marriage – and her relocation to Scotland to start a new life with her Scottish duke beau – forces Tom to reassess his relationship with his bestie; upon being asked to be Hannah’s ‘maid’ of honour, Tom makes it his mission to prove to Hannah that she’s marrying the wrong man. After 10 years of swingin’ bachelorhood, can Tom convince Hannah that he’s the one for her? Well, it’s Hollywood, so probably. With plot twists aplenty, outrageous antics and gorgeous locations, Made of Honour is as irresistible as Patrick Dempsey’s swoon-inducing smile.
Rating Duration Genre
M 97 minutes Comedy / Romance
  Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan
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