Friday January 25, 2008
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Hey Insiders,

It's here! And it's Superbad!

Hands down one of the funniest comedies of 2007 (along with that other Seth Rogen movie, Knocked Up), Superbad is the story of the night that we all wish we'd had back in high school - running from (or hanging out with) the cops, trying our best to get our hands on some booze, and making our move on the person we'd always had a crush on. And it's hilarious.

Less hilarious but equally high in the quality stakes is the Kevin Costner comeback vehicle Mr. Brooks. Costner and William Hurt are the perfect double act in this tale of a serial killer who finds himself caught up in events that rapidly start to spiral out of his control and Mr. Brooks gets our seal of approval as one of the smartest moves Costner has made in years.

The big-budget comedy Evan Almighty picks up where Bruce Almighty left off, and it makes the most of the talents of the wonderful Steve Carell, who could make us laugh simply by walking into the room and saying hello (he makes us laugh even harder by trying to build an ark).

See you in-store.

Mr Brooks
Kevin Costner headlines the cast of this gripping psychological thriller about a rich, well-liked philanthropist and family man who moonlights as a serial killer.
Tristan is trying to win the heart of Victoria, and the only way for him to prove how much he loves her is by embarking on a quest to bring her a fallen star. Tristan's mission becomes somewhat more complicated when he finds the star in question has transformed into a beautiful young woman called Yvaine, and she is being pursued by an evil witch.
In Paris, Rémy is a rat with a gourmet's taste. He dreams of being a master chef, but as a rat, not many people like him to be in kitchens. Meanwhile Alfredo is a young janitor who falls into the job of being a chef after Rémy helps him with a soup that proves to be a roaring success. Now they must rely on each other if Alfredo wants to keep his job, and Rémy his dream.
Surf's Up
Young penguin Cody dreams of being a champion surfer like the legendary Big Z. With new friend Chicken Joe, he travels to the Big Z Memorial tournament, determined to win. There he meets the arrogant current champion Tank, who brags about beating the wave that killed Big Z, and the beautiful young lifeguard Lani, who may just hold the key to his success.
Rush Hour 3
Lee and Carter are reunited when a Chinese ambassador is shot on Lee's watch by a gunman who has a personal connection to Lee. Lee and Carter travel to Paris to stop the gunman and bring down his Triad employers, danger meeting them at every turn.
The Nanny Diaries
College graduate Annie takes up a position as a nanny to Mr. and Mrs. X, a couple who didn't do each other any favours by getting married. The job is made bearable only by the arrival of love interest Hayden, a young man who lives near the Xs. Annie isn't the docile type of nanny found in Mary Poppins, and there's only so much she'll put up with before she decides that getting angry and getting even are precisely the right things to do.

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Superbad (MA 15+)

The hilarious, cautionary tale of two socially inept teenagers and their misguided attempt to reverse a life-long losing streak with the ladies in one panic-driven night!

The Flying Scotsman (M)

Triumphant true story based upon the remarkable Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree who broke the world one-hour record on a bike. Obree created his very own revolutionary bicycle design - constructed out of scrap metal and parts of a washing machine. The Flying Scotsman truly defines determination, bleak despair met by one man's courage and faith in himself.

Shoot Em Up (R)

Mr. Smith is an ordinary guy who steps in at the right time to stop a hitman from killing a woman and her unborn child. Sadly, while Smith saves the baby, the kid's mother is not so lucky. Smith takes him to Donna, a prostitute who specialises in lactation fantasies. Hitman Hertz is out to finish the job he started, and Smith and Donna go on the run. Unfortunately for Hertz's hopes of wrapping things up quickly, Smith has some surprises up his sleeve.

That 70s Show Season 7 (M)

There were some seismic shifts in this season of That '70s Show but the warm, good-natured humour of the show remained just as sharp as ever. Relationships came to the fore as Eric and Donna managed (barely) to move past Eric's skipping out on their wedding, the mismatched pair of Jackie and Hyde found out that opposites don't always attract, and the dimwitted duo of Kelso and Fez, as usual, got their every attempt to deal with the opposite sex wrong.

King of Clubs

While we like the gentlemanly game of golf, we much prefer the wackiness of mini-golf. In King of Clubs, you have 96 different holes to play on, some of which are truly out of this world. King of Clubs gives you a huge amount of variables, from different clubs to even special balls. If you love the not-so-gentlemanly game of mini-golf, join the King of Clubs today.

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