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Mark Wahlberg - the name itself is enough to scare criminals straight. In Contraband, Marky Mark is back to his best, dealing out punishment like only he knows how.

The famous tough guy is actually a bit of a mummy's boy. After finding fame and fortune, Wahlberg bought a $5 million mansion in 2001 and moved his mother in - they are incredibly close.

We're not sure whether to be proud or not, but the ultimate party movie, Project X, is loosely based on the house party of Australia's Corey Worthington. His party, much like the one in the movie, was advertised on social media and ended in mayhem, causing $20,000 in property damage. Yikes!

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MA15+ - 04/07/2012
Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.
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PG - 28/06/2012
George Valentin is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career. For young extra Peppy Miller, it seems the sky's the limit.
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MA 15+ - 04/07/2012
Ewan is a secret service agent faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber and his terrorist cell.
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M - Out Now
On September 2nd, Father's Day 1984, two motorcycle clubs the Bandidos and the Comancheros went to war at a public swap meet.
Two top CIA spies find their enduring friendship put to the ultimate test when they engage in an all-out war to win the affections of a beautiful woman.
After their plane crashes in Alaska, seven oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step.
A nine-year-old searches New York City for the lock that matches a mysterious key left behind by his father, who died in the World Trade Center.
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Two rookie cop partners can't catch a break until they're assigned to pose as students and bust a drug ring.
In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother.
Inspired by a true story, a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.
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Breaking Wind
Hard Boiled Sweets

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Any Questions For Ben?
Like Crazy
You May Not Kiss The Bride
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