Thursday February 21, 2008
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Hey Insiders,

Have you ever wondered what would happen if ordinary men and women took up arms against the scourge of crime and took it upon themselves to clean up the streets? You have? Really? Well, have we got a movie for you then - The Brave One, starring the one and only Jodie Foster, who finds that happiness is a warm gun.

Kevin Bacon's gritty thriller Death Sentence explores similar territory, and Mr. Bacon continues his run of fantastic performances. He rips through a gang who crossed the line with a variety of weapons, but it remains to be seen if he'd be so effective against the vampires and monsters of Day Watch, the latest installment in the epic Russian fantasy series.

We've got drama, we've got action, we've got romance, and it's all on display for you right here!

See you in-store.

Rush Hour 3
Lee and Carter are reunited when a Chinese ambassador is shot on Lee's watch by a gunman who has a personal connection to Lee. Lee and Carter travel to Paris to stop the gunman and bring down his Triad employers, danger meeting them at every turn.
A Mighty Heart
Mariane Pearl is the woman who suffers through the abduction of her husband and his subsequent execution by Pakistani militants. The movie itself is based on Mariane Pearl's book about the events, which took place in early 2002. Pearl frantically tries to track down her husband and somehow secure his safety.
Resident Evil: Extinction
Extinction sees humanity on the run, decimated by the virus that turns ordinary people into flesh-eating zombies. Scientists learn that the secret to producing a cure lies in the blood of series heroine Alice, a zombie-killing warrior. Alice is travelling up to Alaska, where she believes there is a town safe from infection, but between her and it are hordes of hungry zombies, and on her tail are the scientists who want her blood.
Death Sentence
Nick is an everyday guy with an everyman office job, who lives for his family. Nick and his son get caught up in a gang initiation rite one night, and Nick, helpless, watches as his son is murdered. Let down by the legal system, Nick decides to take revenge on the gang that killed his son, hunting them down one by one. His battle soon escalates into a war, and the remaining gang members target Nick's family for their own revenge.
Jenna is unhappily married to Earl and is less than thrilled to learn that she is pregnant with his child. She discovers the support that she's missing at home in some unlikely places: at her waitressing job, in the naming of her custom-made pies (like Pregnant Miserable Self-Pitying Loser Pie), and in the arms of her doctor.
Day Watch
The balance of power, stable for years, has tilted in the favour of the bad guys, the Day Watch, with the addition of the young and powerful Yegor to their ranks (following the events of Night Watch). And so Anton, Yegor's father, and a member of the good guys, the Night Watch, is on a search for a powerful artefact that will allow him to change the past and return his son to him.

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The Brave One (MA 15+)

Erica is a New York City radio host whose fiance is killed in a violent attack while the two of them are out walking. Erica decides to track down the men responsible for her loss, and with an illegally acquired gun, she starts to kill any criminal in her path. At the same time, she starts a friendship with Detective Mercer, who is investigating the vigilante crimes.

December Boys (PG)

Maps is one of four orphans in outback Australia. As a special treat, they're sent on a beach holiday, where the boys soon start to compete for the affection of a young childless couple. Maps, however, is more preoccupied with the affection of Lucy, a beautiful young woman.
The TV Set (M)

Mike Klein is a screenwriter who allows his much-cherished TV show to be changed time and again by a too-smooth network executive in order to get it to air. It's only when the show gathers momentum that Mike realises that the sheer number of changes has built up so much that he can hardly recognise his own work. Funny, truthful, and engaging, The TV Set is one of our picks of the month.
Frasier: Season 8 (PG)

Frasier still serves up its unique blend of sophisticated wit and farce, with Frasier in his usual contemplative mood and midlife crisis mode. In Season 8 wedding bells chime a sour note when Daphne flees her marriage ceremony to run off with Niles, and the two lovebirds, as well as a hapless Frasier, ultimately find themselves embroiled in a lawsuit as a result of the marital mayhem. Frasier also seeks the wisdom and advice of an old college professor, whom Frasier drafts as his professional mentor. And new-puppy training quickly goes to the dogs when Roz brings home a new Dalmation, and Martin takes command as the puppy's official trainer.
Lost (M)

Based on the worldwide mega-hit television show, you play a passenger of Oceanic flight 815, who just survived the crash. You find yourself on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As you begin to unravel mysteries of the island, you begin to discover secrets of your own. You will have to understand your past mistakes in order to survive and find your way home.

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