Thursday July 24, 2008
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Hey Insiders,

Whether you prefer to bust a move, get jiggy with it, or raise the roof, Step Up 2: The Streets is a movie after your heart - or your feet. When dance student Andie has to choose between her prestigious school program and her old dance crew, she’s forced to face the consequences of her choice in the only way she knows how… that’s right, people, it’s a dance off.

A movie with less crunking and more thinking, Spinning into Butter sees Sarah Jessica Parker swap Sex and the City for hate crimes in the country. Exploring the aftermath of a series of racially-motivated attacks at a college campus, Spinning into Butter is an insightful and controversial film, guaranteed to get you thinking.

When your brain has had enough exercise, make sure the old heartstrings get a workout with Closing the Ring. Starring Mischa Barton, this epic tearjerker was inspired by the true story of a wedding ring found among the debris of an old WWII plane crash. Watch this one with someone you love… or at least someone who will put up with you sobbing onto their shoulder for two hours.

If it’s your funny bone that needs a tickle, look no further than the classic comedy of Get Smart. Cones of silence, shoe phones and KAOS equal a pretty good time in our books; with witty, timeless writing that is as hilarious as ever, there’s never been a better time to Get Smart and book some time with Agent 86 on DVD.

See you in-store.

The Other Boleyn Girl
A sumptuous tale of intrigue, romance and betrayal set against the backdrop of a defining moment in European history, The Other Boleyn Girl tells the story of two beautiful sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn who, driven by their family’s blind ambition, compete for the love of the handsome and passionate King Henry VIII
Michael Caine steps into the role of the brilliant thriller writer Andrew and Jude Law plays Milo, the young hairdresser who steals the literary giant's wife, only to find himself subsequently swallowed up in an elaborate revenge scheme.
My Spy
Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks and Selma Blair headline the cast in this light-hearted romantic comedy about a young FBI agent who is assigned to spy on his mother and her new boyfriend, a suspected art thief.
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Experience the fantasy within reality with Mallory and her twin brothers, Jared and Simon, as they encounter and do battle with the fantastic magical creatures in the Invisible, but Real World of...The Spiderwick Chronicles. Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, always entertaining and full of suspense.
Vantage Point
8 strangers. 8 points of view. 1 truth. Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt, Matthew Fox and Sigourney Weaver star in this Rashomon-style thriller about an assassination attempt on the President of the United States. From the producers of I Am Legend and XXX, Vantage Point is a riveting action thrill-ride that's a must see if you enjoy movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and In The Line Of Fire.
Juno, a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker. With the help of her hot best friend Leah, Juno finds her unborn child a 'perfect' set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa, who are longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood, and ultimately figures out where she belongs.

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Step Up 2: The Streets (PG)

Rebellious newcomer Andie is an outcast street dancer trying to fit in at the elite School of the Arts. Chase is the school’s red hot talent and a rising star. Both want to win the biggest, baddest street dancing battle, “The Streets”, and if they team up, they might just make it. It’s time to Step Up.

Spinning Into Butter (M)

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker stars in Spinning Into Butter, a story on a critical and timely subject told with heart, humanity and humour. Sarah Daniels (Parker), a highly educated white, liberal dean has barely settled into her new position as Dean of Students at an elite New England college when a series of hate crimes sends her world spinning out of control.
Closing The Ring (M)

Inspired by true events and spanning fifty years, Closing the Ring tells the story of how an American woman honoured a wartime promise with a lifetime of denial – and how the discovery of a gold ring brought her back to life. In 1991, a small American town quietly mourns the loss of Chuck Harris: father, husband and honoured World War II pilot. His wife, Ethel Ann, refuses to mourn, drowning herself in alcohol and neglecting her daughter, Marie. But when Marie receives a curious phone call from a boy in Northern Ireland who claims to have discovered a ring belonging to Ethel Ann, a chain of events is ignited. Closing the Ring collects the pieces of a truly profound puzzle one by one.
Get Smart Seasons 2 and 3 (M)

Maxwell Smart is back …. and loving it! The madcap misadventures only get funnier in Seasons 2 and 3, as Max and 99 pursue their elusive KAOS adversaries around the world and come face-to-face with their dastardly foes.
Animal Genius (G)

Challenge your animal IQ! Play five addictive games that test your animal instincts, quick thinking and intelligence on your quest to populate habitats around the world. Discover amazing pictures of your favourite animals and play through many surprise challenges. Come on and prove you’re a genius!

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