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Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) has awakened in an elevator, remembering nothing about his life aside from his own name. He emerges into a mysterious world dubbed "the Glade", where a group of sixty teenaged boys have learned to survive in a completely enclosed environment, surrounded by an enormous maze. The village has existed for two years, with a new boy arriving every thirty days - but nobody has ever found a way out...Click here for more
Out Now
A deadly mission to strike at the heart of the enemy sees the five-man crew of a Sherman tank face nearly insurmountable odds in Fury. In the last month of the European Theatre of war during World War II, the Allies are making their final push into Nazi Germany. As the Allied forces still face some strong opposition, a dangerous mission behind enemy lines is proposed, and it's up to Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Brad Pitt), a hardened sergeant in the US 2nd Armored Division, and the crew of his tank "Fury", to get the job done...Click here for more
The private details of our love lives aren't usually something we talk about in public, but prepare to let go of your inhibitions with The Little Death. Written and directed by Australian comedian Josh Lawson, The Little Death is a hilarious new comedy that explores the ups and downs of sex, love, relationships and the taboo as told through the stories of a variety of individuals and couples...Click here for more
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