Thursday November 13, 2008
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Hey Insiders,

We're getting close to the end of the year, which not only means you get a well deserved break but you also get to see some of the biggest movies of the year. Yes, this is when our shelves almost snap with the weight of so many great films, so do us a favour and take some of them home for a night.

Of course, with a film like Hancock, we hardly have to do any persuading do we? An unusually surly Will Smith with superpowers; the always enjoyable Jason Bateman and the simply stunning Charlize Theron all combine to give us one of the best superhero movies of the year, complete with realistic special effects, which makes a change. Speaking of action, Mongol may all be in a foreign language (Mongolian, not surprisingly), but this look at the life of future legend Genghis Khan is full of battles along with some very effective drama. You may not usually watch foreign films, but you should make an exception for this.

If you want something a bit lighter try Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Dwayne Johnson in Get Smart. Based on the classic comedy series from the '60s, this has all the slapstick comedy you could hope for and you'll roll around the floor laughing. Plus with Hathaway and Johnson in the cast, there's a bit of eye-candy for everyone. We also have Eddie Murphy play a spaceship (no really) in Meet Dave. This family comedy also features the always lovely Elizabeth Banks in the cast, which is reason enough for us to be honest. If you've a tribe in your house who won't settle down, maybe Dave will do the trick.

And speaking of the younger ones, we go back to Narnia in Prince Caspian. Expect more talking lions and large scale battles across the screen. If you've read the books, you'll need to see this. And in case you were wondering, we've got a lot of other movies at your local Network store as well, so there'll be something there for you no matter your movie tastes.

See you in-store.

Get Smart
Maxwell Smart is on a mission to thwart the latest plot for world domination by the evil crime syndicate known as KAOS. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreamt of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23. Smart is partnered instead with the lovely-but-lethal veteran Agent 99. Given little field experience and even less time, Smart -armed with nothing but a few spy-tech gadgets and his unbridled enthusiasm - must thwart the doomsday plans of KAOS head Siegfried.
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
It has been only 12 months since their last voyage into Narnia, the four children are aghast to realise that 1,300 years have passed in the wondrous alternate universe. The Golden Age of Narnia has come to an end, and now the malevolent King Miraz rules over the land without mercy or compassion. Miraz is determined to ensure that the power stays in his bloodline, even if that means killing his nephew Prince Caspian so that Miraz's own son will be next in line for the throne. Fortunately, Prince Caspian has the Narnians on his side, and with a little help from the kings, the queens, and some loyal old friends, he may be able to ensure that peace and prosperity are restored on the once-beautiful realm of Narnia.
Meet Dave
Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrives on earth in the perfect disguise - a spaceship shaped like an ordinary man (Eddie Murphy, the ship's captain). The spaceship, with each miniature alien responsible for operating a particular part of the body, embarks on an adventure in Manhattan where it meets a family who teaches an acerbic and non-emotional culture of aliens to find their humanity.
Wes is a cube-dwelling hypochondriac who seems not able to achieve anything in life. Upon discovering that the father he never knew has been brutally murdered, the clock-punching pushover is recruited into a secret society of assassins known as The Fraternity. During his training, he develops lightning-fast reflexes and superhuman dexterity courtesy of his skilled mentor Fox. Wes is assigned the task of dealing out death to the mythological Fates who possess the ability to alter the lifelines of mortal men. he gradually begins to suspect that his wise tutors are not the crime-fighting enforcers they present themselves to be.
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda features Po the Panda, a lowly waiter in a noodle restaurant, who is a kung fu fanatic but whose shape doesn't exactly lend itself to kung fu fighting. In fact, Po's defining characteristic appears to be that he is the laziest of all the animals in ancient China. That's a problem because powerful enemies are at the gates, and all hopes have been pinned on a prophesy naming Po as the "Chosen One" to save the day. A group of martial arts masters are going to need a black belt in patience if they are going to turn this slacker panda into a kung fu fighter before it's too late.
The Dark Knight
Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as The Joker.

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Hollywood megastar, and Academy Award Nominee Will Smith (Pursuit of Happyness) stars as tortured superhero John Hancock - who crash-lands in Brooklyn. Once there, he tries to revitalize himself by romancing an alluring housewife - Academy Award Winning actress Charlize Theron. Chaos, adventure and comedy ensues. Co-starring Jason Bateman (TV's Arrested Development) and directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Welcome To The Jungle).
Mongol (MA15+)

Based on leading historical accounts and a nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2008 Academy Awards, Mongol delves into the dramatic and harrowing early years of the ruler who was born as Temudgin in 1162. As it follows Temudgin from his perilous childhood to the battle that sealed his destiny, the film paints a multidimensional portrait of the future conqueror, revealing him not as the evil brute of legend, but as an inspiring, fearless and visionary leader.
Black Water (MA15+)

Grace, her boyfriend Adam and younger sister Lee decide to take a river tour whilst holidaying in Northern Australia. As they drift into a mangrove swamp their boat is suddenly capsized and their tour guide Jim disappears. Realising theyve been attacked by a crocodile, Adam drags Grace to the safety of a tree whilst Lee clings on top of the overturned boat. Adam and Grace frantically try to manoeuvre Lee and the boat to the tree but it is firmly stuck. Stranded in the flooded mangrove swamp, the three holiday makers must work out what to do to survive.
Entourage: Season 4 (MA15+)

Sure it would be great to have it all, but at what price? For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywoods fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. In Season Four, in fact, Eric and Vince have taken on new roles as producers. Will their film be hailed as a critical masterpiece, or will it end up on the trash heap of broken Tinseltown dreams?"
Guitar Hero World Tour (PG)

The Guitar Hero series has been incredibly popular since its inception, but now World Tour gives you the chance to play more than just the guitar - now you can sing and play drums too. The setlist is full of rocking tracks by music's best: Nirvana, Muse, Foo Fighters, Eagles, Bon Jovi, Metallica and three songs by Tool. With over 80 songs to play, you're going to be rockin' all night long. This is the most full featured Guitar Hero game ever, and gamers and music fans alike are going to love it.

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