Thursday May 14, 2009
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Hi there Insiders!

To kick this Insider off, we've got a bit of a confession. We're closet pro-wrestling fans. Whether it's the massive extravaganza of the WWE, the risk-taking daredevils of TNA, the indie appeal of ROH or even the Eastern skills of NJPW; we love them all. And now that we've just alienated any reader who isn't a wrestling fan and is wondering what NJPW could stand for, let's talk about The Wrestler. In fact, even if you're not a wrestling fan, you still should see this.

Mickey Rourke plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a former star of the '80s who now ekes out a meagre living by wrestling on small events across the country. Rourke delivers an incredibly strong performance as the flawed, but still likeable Randy, who is facing his mortality through his many injuries, and the growing realisation that there might not be a place for him in wrestling forever. Co-star Marisa Tomei (in an uninhibited performance as a stripper) is also fantastic here, but this is Rourke's movie; so much so that it's hard to see anyone else playing the part. If you love quality drama, this is a must-see.

Someone we could never see getting into the wrestling ring is Woody Allen, and he's back with Vicky Christina Barcelona. Set in Spain, this tale of two friends (played by Penelope Cruz and recent Allen muse Scarlett Johansson) visiting Barcelona for a summer of fun and freedom evokes all the joy for life that the Spanish city is famous for. Throw in Javier Bardem as a sexy Spanish artist who falls for both visitors, and the three gorgeous leads light up the screen. As he's got older, Woody Allen has been making more accessible movies, and this is one of his most accessible. While it might not be as much fun as visiting Barcelona for real, it's not far off.

While Will Smith has a reputation for fun, in Seven Pounds he turns off the famous smile and shows that he's not too bad at the old acting. He plays Tim Thomas, who after causing a fatal car crash dedicates his life to helping other people, but what he's offering is a lot more personal than just cash. Tim's harvesting his own organs for donation, but with every step of the way, there's a big price to be played. Deliberately downbeat, Seven Pounds is a touching drama that you'll be thinking about days after.

Hey, if that's not enough entertainment for you, there's a whole lot more at your local Network store. Go on, take a look inside.

We'll see you in-store.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
We've enjoyed Woody Allen's last couple of outings (Match Point, Scoop), but we were particularly excited about Vicky Cristina Barcelona, thanks, mostly, to its stellar cast. Thankfully it stands up to the hype; it's an absolute treat to watch this tale of love,
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Seven Pounds
Any interview with Will Smith, his wife, or, really, anyone who has ever met him indicates that this King of Hollywood has come along way since he was a Fresh Prince, and has earned his bump in status fair and square. So it's interesting to see Smith shake off his crown,
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Let's get it out of the way. Yes, Tom Cruise has been acting like a bit of a nutter. But don't forget that the Cruisenator was once revered as a Hollywood Golden Boy, and that wasn't for no reason. When he channels the crazy into his acting it can yield really fantastic results,
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards. A man, like any of us, unable to stop time. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a time traveler's tale of the people and places he bumps into along the way, the loves he loses and finds, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.
Gran Torino
Walt Kowalski has just lost his wife and his children want him to move out of the old neighborhood and move into a senior citizens' home. Walt doesn't want to move even though more Asian people live in his Detroit neighborhood than Americans. Walt has a problem with Asians ever since he fought them in the Korean War. This prejudice explodes when Thao, the teenage son of the Hmong family next door, tries to steal his mint condition 1972 Gran Torino car.
Transporter 3
Frank Martin isn't exactly thrilled with his latest job, but when his employer turns up the pressure, he has little choice but to deliver. His cargo is a feisty young girl - who just happens to be the daughter of the powerful top dog of the Ukraine EPA.
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Crooked Business
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The Wrestler (MA15+)

Every once in a while, a movie is released that reminds audiences of just how powerful film can be; amidst a sea of popcorn flicks (which we love), these films show that colossal budgets, A-list celebrities and the Hollywood machine are not the things that make a film great; it's about an outstanding story with fantastic talent behind it.
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La Linea (MA15+)

There are some actors that you know will always deliver a powerhouse performance, and Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta are two of them. Whether they're playing the goodies or the baddies (or sometimes, something in between), they never fail to light up the screen. And now in La Linea, they get to work together again.
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Tuesday (M)

It seems that the Brits have almost had a monopoly on heist films recently with titles like Lock Stock and Snatch, and now there's another one - Tuesday. Set in 1980s London, an ordinary bank is the target for not one, but three robberies on the same day. The group of bank robbers, dubbed 'The Cowboys' by the press,
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Underbelly A Tale of Two Cities (MA15+)

Set between 1976 & 1986, when the illegal drug trade took hold of Australia; when gambling was illegal, but drug trafficking was 'undiscovered'. Protagonist characters are Robert Trimbole (Roy Billing), Terry 'Mr Asia' Clark (Matthew Newton) and racing identify George Freeman played by Peter O'Brien.
UFC 2009: Undisputed (MA15+)

UFC now comes to your console, and it brings a fighting game with a difference. You can slug it out to knock out your opponent, or you can try to a submission hold to make them give up So you might have a match that lasts five rounds, or one that lasts under a minute. That's the beauty of the UFC, you never know how a match is going to end.

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