Thursday November 15, 2007
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Hey Insiders,

2007 is almost finished and with the end of the year comes new instalments in some of the biggest movie franchises in recent history - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth to date in the record-breaking series.

Some series haven't made it up to the big number five yet, but hot on Harry Potter's heels are three Part Threes. Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End, the conclusion to the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, and Shrek 3, the adventure that's as big as an ogre, are coming soon, and Tim Allen's Christmas caper The Santa Clause 3 is out now.

The smash hit comedy Knocked Up is delivering big laughs all around, and there are still some fantastic movies from recent weeks that will be hard to top in 2008, like Transformers, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Blades of Glory. And on Friday 16th you'll be able to sweeten up these new releases with our fantastic Kinder Bueno promotion!

See you in-store.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix sees Harry deal with his first love, his friends Ron and Hermione keeping secrets from him, and Professor Umbridge, a cruel new Dark Arts teacher. There is also the looming threat of Lord Voldemort, who is still out for Harry's blood.
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog follows young, successful drug dealer Johnny Truelove. When a deal with Jake turns bad, Johnny and his friends plan revenge by kidnapping Jake's younger brother Zach. Zach doesn't realise the danger he's in, especially as Johnny plans to resolve another unpaid debt with Zach's death.
Santa Clause 3
Scott has settled into the role of Santa, but things are thrown into disarray when his in-laws arrive to visit; they don't yet know about his new job. And Scott will be lucky to keep that job while the mischievous yet ambitious Jack Frost is around.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At World's End
Jack Sparrow had been taken to the depths of the sea by the feared Kraken sea-monster, which is a spot of bother as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann wouldn't mind having him around as they sail off the map to stop Lord Beckett from controlling the oceans and the seas. Can they find Jack and beat the bad guys?
Shrek The Third
Princess Fiona's father passes away, and Shrek and Fiona are next in line to the throne. This doesn't sit well with the notoriously reclusive ogre, so the next heir in line is nominated, the nerdy Arthur Pendragon. But while Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots train Arthur in his kingly duties, the bitter Prince Charming has plans of his own.
Evening details the past and present of 65 year-old Ann. When Ann reveals the name of her one true love to her daughters, we embark on two journeys: her daughters' quest to find out who this man is; and Ann's reminiscences about her past, when she was only a young woman and a summer weekend led to a never-ending love.

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Knocked Up (MA 15+)

Allison Scott is an up-and-coming journalist whose 24 year-old life is on the fast track. But it gets derailed when a drunken one night stand with slacker Ben Stone results in an unexpected pregnancy. Should they raise the baby together? What makes a happy lifetime partnership after all? They've got nine confusing months to figure it out...
The Dead Girl (MA 15+)

The Dead Girl is split into five distinct tales, but give new perspective on one event. The stories are as follows: The Stranger follows Arden, the woman who finds the dead girl; The Sister concerns Leah, the sister of the murdered girl; The Wife revolves around Ruth, the wife of the murderer; The Mother is all about Melora, the mother of the dead girl; and finally The Dead Girl tracks Krista's last day.
The Last Time (MA 15+)

Ted is the top man in sales at a New York business machine company; each month he posts the highest level of sales, even though he's hardly a team player. Into the firm walks Jamie, a wet-behind-the-ears newbie to the world of sales, who is soon floundering in comparison to Ted. But Jamie does have one thing that Ted wants, his gorgeous fiancee Belisa, and Ted always gets what he wants.
OZ The Third Season (MA 15+)

A volatile men-in-prison soap opera, fuelled by testosterone and lubricated by blood. Their stories of vengeance, redemption, and forgiveness anchor this season which gives a no-holds-barred account of prison life with all the plots, subplots and conflicts given context and explanation by the show's wheelchair-bound narrator, Augustus Hill.
WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw 2008 (M)

The beefy brawlers from the WWE return for more wrestling action. With a massive roster of WWE superstars, including John Cena, Edge, Triple H, The Undertaker and CM Punk; plus a huge number of game styles (including the dreaded Hell in a Cell match), this is the ultimate WWE game. If you love your WWE action, you can't miss Smackdown vs Raw: 2008.