Thursday June 10, 2010
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Hi there Insiders,

You had better watch your back this fortnight because The Wolfman's coming to get you. Yep, Benicio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins know they're in for trouble the next time that full moon's out. Although, even without a full moon, Leonardo DiCaprio will tell you that the creep factor's always high over on Shutter Island.

Not to mention, if you thought Edward from Twilight was the only vampire skulking around, think again because in Daybreakers, almost everyone has been transformed into a creature of the night. Eeek! For a different type of scary, check out Dwayne Johnson (aka: The Rock) showing off his wings in Tooth Fairy (okay, maybe not but it was worth a shot!).

When you're done with these hot titles, there are loads more waiting for you at your local Network store.

We'll see you in-store.

With the Twilight flicks and the True Blood television series, the vamp genre is well and truly alive and kicking. The good news is that all of these different portrayals offer a unique spin on those undead fiends that like to wear a lot of black and sleep during the day
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Tooth Fairy
What is it with these flicks that pair up big beefy guys like Dwayne Johnson (aka: The Rock) with little gremlins (aka: kiddies)? Derek (Johnson) is a top league ice-hockey player nicknamed The Tooth Fairy because he's got a little habit of knocking his opponent's
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Shutter Island
In Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio once again make for one devilishly awesome duo as they bring on the spook factor in bucket loads! Sometimes, we all think that we're in the rather unfortunate situation of being surrounded by people who we
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The Hurt Locker
There's nothing like people power to drive a film's success and it's hard to believe that The Hurt Locker was originally destined for a direct-to-DVD release in Australia. Of course, that was before all of the Oscar accolades for the movie responsible for making Kathryn
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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Call us crazy but we'd like to see a world where Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and Harry Potter were classmates because they'd make one pretty awesome (and good lookin', are we right girls?) duo. Percy is an ordinary teenager living
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Alice in Wonderland
When a bright, beautiful 19-year old Alice Kingsley accidentally tumbles down a rabbit hole, she is transported into the delightfully fantastical world she encountered as a child. There, she embarks on an amazing adventure where Alice will find her true identity.

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The Wolfman (MA15+)

Call modern-day flicks whatever you like but dare to call them dull at your own risk. What, with vampires, zombies and now werewolves, we're definitely spoilt for choice. It's 1891 in London and nobleman Lawrence (Benicio Del Toro) has just received a letter from is brother's fiancée, Gwen (Emily Blunt) asking for his help after the disappearance of his brother.
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The Code (MA 15+)

Now that Antonio Banderas is done making Puss in Boots sound like the sexiest cat alive (Shrek 2 anyone?), he's back onscreen in a flick we're a little more accustomed to seeing him in. The Code, an action-packed heist movie sees Banderas sharing screen time with Morgan Freeman. Set in New York City, veteran burglar
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Wild Things: Foursome (MA 15+)

When Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Bill Murray first starred in Wild Things over a decade ago, no one could have predicted its success. Four films later and these thrillers continue to go from strength to strength. This time, hotel magnate, Ted Wheetley (Aussie Cameron Daddo) and his son,
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NCIS: Season 6 (MA15+)

NCIS: The Sixth Season finds the highly skilled NCIS team still under the able command of Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, an uncompromising leader who will see justice done - even if it means bending the rules. This season, Gibbs welcomes new members to the unit, while directing the veteran agents in their dangerous investigations outside the chain of Naval and Marine command.
Toy Story 3: The Video Game(PG)

Pixar made their names off the Toy Story movies, and now that the third one is about to hit the big screens, it's no surprise that there's a game alongside it. Play as either Buzz or Woody as you try to escape the confines of an ordinary day care centre. Not an easy thing when you're a toy. The platform gameplay is suitable for all ages, and the graphics live up to the Pixar standard.

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