December 23, 2010
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Hi there Insiders,

So, have you figured out what Inception is all about yet? Even if you're still a bit confused, at least you can be mesmerised by the amazing special effects. Seriously impressive, aren't they?

But let's focus our attention to what's new at Network: often Australian films are either bleak and desolate, complete with lingering shots of the outback, or intermittently funny comedies seemingly shot on a camcorder, but Tomorrow, When the War Began changes all that – a genuinely Australian story with a real Hollywood feel. Whether you've read the book or not, check it out. Angelina Jolie gets actiony as she displays her bad-assery in Salt. No, it's not about condiments.

Piranha is here to take a tongue-in-cheek chomp out of ya (why wouldn't you just stay out of the water?), and The Collector is about as tense a thriller as you're ever going to see (reinforce the edge of your seat before watching this one.)

Why not take a stroll down to your local Network store to check these and much more out?

We'll see you in-store.
Tomorrow, When the War Began (M)

Eight teenagers' adventure in a remote town unexpectedly evolves into something that none of them could have predicted.
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Bridge to Nowhere (MA15+)

Living in a rundown Pittsburgh neighborhood, four lifelong friends scraping by in low-paying, dead-end jobs come up with a plan to get rich...
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Paper Man (M)

A washed-up writer forms an unlikely friendship with a teenager from Long Island.
Family Guy: It's a Trap (M)

Peter re-tells the story of Return of the Jedi. The sequel to Blue Harvest and Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.
Gran Turismo 5 (G)

So, after a wait of over four years, Gran Turismo 5 is here to reclaim its crown as the king of console racers.

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The trouble starts when a defecting high ranking Russian agent, Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) blows CIA officer Evelyn Salt's (Jolie) cover.
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A pack of pre-historic man-eating fish are set free after a sudden underwater tremor and guess what their stomachs (if they even have them) are yearning for?
The Collector
We don't know about you, but we're not about to disagree with a masked Collector intent on collecting some and killing others.
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Despicable Me
Let's face the facts: more often than not, villains are far more interesting than heroes and Despicable Me has one of the best baddies in Gru at its heart.
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The Other Guys
Detectives Gamble and Hoitz always find themselves in the background of all the attention.But all of that's about to change...
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The Last Airbender
Director M. Night Shyamalan now tackles The Last Airbender, a franchise that began its life as an animated television series...
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