January 20, 2011
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Hi there Insiders,

We've got a hilarious trio of flicks that are guaranteed to have you in stitches this week. Take your pick from Easy A, Dinner For Schmucks or The Other Guys – each is sure to have you giggling beyond belief. It's Easy A?

On the other hand, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps might see you crying – just not after a laughing fit. Enjoy a movie based on everyone's favourite topic: money!

And cue the girly (and manly) screams because Zac Efron's back in Charlie St.Cloud. This time, he's playing a heartbroken ex-sailor coping with the loss of his younger brother. Good looking and sensitive – swoon away ladies!

When you're done there, head down to your local Network store for more great titles.

We'll see you in-store.
Easy A (M)

Easy A paints the perfect example of what seems
like a small white lie, getting a little out of hand.

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The Girl who Played with Fire (MA15+)

It's the next installment in the Millennium Trilogy by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson and if you thought the first film adaptation was good, then you need to watch The Girl Who Played with Fire.
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Leaves of Grass (MA15+)

Edward Norton is no stranger to playing dual roles (remember Primal Fear?) and in Leaves of Grass, he's required to use every last shred of his...
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Cops: Local Area Command (MA15+)

Cops: Local Area Command centres on Seaview Local Area Command, a busy metropolitan police station. The series captures the working life and relationships of the dedicated police officers.
Dead Space 2 (MA15+)

After waking from a coma on a massive space city, the lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare.

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Charlie St. Cloud
Based on the novel by Ben Sherwood, Charlie St. Cloud follows the tragedy surrounding Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) after the death of his younger brother Sam (Charlie Tahan).
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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
In this long awaited sequel, Gordon Gekko is back and has just been released from prison. Meanwhile, as the economy takes a downward spiral...
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Dinner For Schmucks
One thing that Hollywood likes to do is put its own spin on foreign films and Dinner For Schmucks is inspired by Francis Veber's, The Dinner Game...
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Going the Distance
Not into soppy rom-coms? Not to worry, Going the Distance is a different kind of rom-com: part The Hangover and part When in Rome.
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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole
According to legend, the Owls Of Ga'Hoole are a band of winged warriors who fought to the death to save owls of all kinds from the evil Pure Ones.
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Eat Pray Love
Chances are, if you're a woman (hold your horses guys, some of you may have too), you would have read Eat Pray Love, the best-selling 2006 memoir from Elizabeth Gilbert.
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